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Classical and Flamenco Guitar Makers

Classical Guitar for salepaulino-bernabe-strings-adWe specialize in handmade guitars built by Spain's finest guitar makers.

Although factories may turn out affordable, playable guitars, the truly outstanding classical guitars and flamenco guitars come from small workshops.

They are entirely handcrafted by an experienced guitar maker who carefully selects seasoned woods, and can make adjustments as he works and control quality at all stages of construction.

Classical and Flamenco Guitar historyWe handle the following Spanish luthiers who make fine flamenco and classical guitars. 

If you do not see a Spanish guitar maker whose classical or flamenco guitars you are interested in on this page, let us know.

We can usually obtain them.

We will be happy to contact the luthier and give you information on their prices and availability.


Aarón García Ruíz

Alberto Martin Ramos

Alfonso Checa

Ana Espinosa Rodriguez

Andrés Dominguez Guerrero

Angel Benito Aguado

Antonio Marin Montero

Antonio Raya Ferrer

Antonio Raya Pardo

Brian dunn

Casimiro Lozano Carrillo

Daniel Gil de Avalle

Domingo Esteso

Eduardo Duran Ferrer

Felix Manzanero

Francisco Montero Aguilera

Francisco Navarro Garcia

Francisco Santiago Marin

Hermanos Conde

Hermanos Sanchis Lopez


J.A. Pantoja Martin

J.B. Castelluccia

Jesús Bellido

José Manuel Fernández

José Marin Plazuelo

José Martinez Peñalver

Jose Romero

José Ruiz Pedregosa

Juan Alvarez

Juan Fabian Labella Manjon

Juan Miguel Gonzalez

Juan Montero Aguilera

Lorenzo Pimentel

Manuel Adalid

Manuel López Bellido

Manuel Reyes

Manuel Rodriguez Sr.

Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.

Manuel Romero Macías

Marcelino López Nieto

Paulino Bernabe

Pedro de Miguel

Pedro Maldonado

Pedro Martínez Peñalver

Rafael Moreno Rodriguez

Rafael Roman

Rafael Romero Barroso

René Baarslag

Ricardo Sanchis Carpio

Rodrigo Moreira

Roger Yang

Rúben Moisés López

Santos Bayón Ruiz

Valeriano Bernal

Vicente Carrillo Casas

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