Hi out there.....There are a lot of cool sites for aficionados of flamenco guitar, and several on-line stores for purchase of flamenco or classical guitars and accessories. I have checked out all of them and dealt with a number. I find that aficionados of flamenco music are nice, helpful people who share a love for a special art form and cultural heritage.

I had been playing a Ramirez student guitar that I acquired several years ago from a Spanish source. I was quite happy with this guitar but decided it was the time to upgrade to an instrument of concert quality. I started checking out instruments for sale on the Web and began a dialogue with Zavaleta's Casa de Guitarras. I aimed to purchase a concert model made to order from one of the finest makers living today.

From the start to the finish of this dealing (the instrument is now in my hands), Zavaleta's provided highly professional and reliable service. The company located the luthier in Spain, negotiated the price, compared the quality of the instrument with used instruments of the same maker in Spain, arranged an agent (another luthier) to check the guitar's quality, to order it, and to ship it safely to Japan, where it arrived in perfect condition and (for those of you are Japanese), entered Japan duty-free. At every step in the transaction, Zavaleta's responded to my email promptly and courteously.

The 'bottom line' is that I got the guitar of my choice at a 'wholesale' price, less than half the price of guitars made by the same luthier and now for sale on the Web. I have written about my experience because I think that outstanding service in any endeavor deserves praise. Therefore, if you also plan to buy a Spanish guitar, be sure check out Zavaleta's. And Happy Flamenco-ing!

Regards, Devalier