The Spanish luthier Aaron Garcia Ruiz was born 1965 in Granada. From childhood he was fascinated with musical instruments. When he was 12, he began to play bandurria, and sing in a choir. As he loved South American music, he began building its instruments. At university, he became a musicologist, specializing in musical instruments, and began collection musical instruments. His personal collection contains over a 1000 items. He plays many of them, but excels at the guitar, laud, flute, charango, and drums.

As a guitar maker he received his training from Manuel Fernandez Fernandez (1930-1997), working with this master luthier until his death. Aaron then continued his training with Manuel's son, Jose Manuel Fernandez Enriquez.  

Although Aaron’s greatest passion is to develop his own personal models of concert classical and flamenco guitars, he continues to have an abiding interest in early instruments, and has made some historical copies. He occasionally also restores instruments, which he does meticulously, documenting each step. He notes people have been restoring instruments for a hundred years now, many had neither the knowledge nor adequate criteria for this work, and ended up destroying them. 

He builds guitars following the traditional Spanish methods, entirely by hand, using the finest woods, finishes, available.