Sell Your Classical or Flamenco Guitar

Submitting your guitar for listing: We accept for listings only classical and flamenco guitars that we feel we can sell. If you would like to submit your guitar for listing with us, please CLICK HERE to download the form. Please return form and photos via email.

Commission Sales:  Our commission is 15 percent. For guitars listed with us, we act as your broker. As a broker we act to protect the interests of both buyer and seller. We protect the seller, by insuring payment to Zavaleta's is made before shipping. We protect the buyer withholding payment to the seller until the transaction is complete. 

How transactions work: The way transactions work is that the guitar remains in your possession until a buyer is found. Once a buyer pays us, we will put you in contact with them to arrange shipping. The buyer pays shipping and insurance. Our policy is that the buyer has a 48 hour approval period to inspect the guitar and decide whether they will keep or return the instrument. If returned, the buyer all return shipping and insurance costs, and remains responsible for the instrument until it is safely back in the owners hands in the same condition it was received. Should the instrument be damaged in shipping, we will not return the buyer's money till the claim is settled. If the buyer accepts the guitar, Zavaleta's then pays you. You remain free to sell it on your own, we only ask to be notified if you do, so we can remove it from our listings.