Ana Espinosa Rodriguez is a Spanish luthier in Granada, and builds classical and flamenco guitars. She was born in Tíjola, Almeria, in 1960 from an early age she was exposed to woodcrafts, as her grandfather was a cabinet maker, and her parents worked in his workshop.  Attending university, she majored in geography and history. After her B.A., she studied fine arts at the Escuela de Arte de Granada, becoming a weaver.

In 1989 she  married René Baarslag, a Dutch guitar maker who came to Granada in 1977, and apprenticed with Antonio Marin Montero.  In Ana began her apprenticeship with René in 1994, making her first guitar in 1997, a copy of a guitar by Antonio Torres (1817-1892). She liked it so much that for the next eight years she only made Torres copies. Since then she has broadened her offerings. Under René’s guidance, Ana has become a excellent luthier in her own right, and sells her guitars under her own name. She now also makes her own models including one inspired by Bouchet.

Although Ana Espinosa's concert guitars possess very good volume, a Torres type of sound, and serve beautifully for recording. Her classical instruments are simply enchanting, everyone who plays them is reluctant to put them down.