The Spanish luthier Eduardo Duran Ferrer was born in 1965 into one of the most distinguished families of guitar makers in Granada. His father Antonio Duran Zurita (1940-2006), his grandfather Eduardo Ferrer Castillo (1905-1988), great great uncle Benito Ferrer (1843-1926) all were luthiers. This forth generation guitar maker literally grew up in the workshop of his grandfather, and father.  He remembers from the age of 5 going from school to his father’s workshop. When he decided to become a guitar maker himself, his father sent him to apprentice with Rafael Moreno Rodriguez. Although he benefited from his father’s and grandfather’s advice, he credits Rafael Moreno Rodriguez as being his primary teacher— he particularly liked the fact that Rafael would correct his mistakes immediately, before he went down the wrong path.

He built his first guitar in 1985, and continued to work with his father until he opened his own workshop in 1998. He makes flamenco and classical guitars based on his grandfather's design. They are small bodied guitars typical of the Granada school, with outstanding quality of tone, projection, and sustain.

He is currently teaching his son, Mario, his craft.