Felix Manzanero retired in 2010, and until recently his shop was closed. His son, Ivan Manzanero, (b. 1960), who trained under his father, and built his first guitar in 1979, decided recently to reopen the shop.

The Spanish luthier Felix Manzanero was born in Madrid in 1937. He had learned a little about guitar making from Modesto Borreguero (1893-1969)-- who been trained by Manuel Ramirez (1864-1916)-- and was a friend of the family. So, at the age of 14, when he learned that the Ramirez shop was looking for someone, he applied.  Felix Manzanero began his apprenticeship under José Ramirez II (1885-1957) doing varnishing  and building bandurrias, and  working along side Alfonso Benito and Jose Ramirez III, the only others in the shop. 

He recounts how he secretly made his first guitar out of scraps of wood he saved. When Ramirez saw it, he was impressed, and then allowed Felix to build guitars, eventually promoting him to a master craftsman.  After 12 years there, Felix started his own business and workshop. 

Felix Manzanero is one of the foremost luthiers of classical and flamenco guitars in the Madrid school. His classical guitars have won such prestigious prizes as First Place in Acoustics in the Concurso Internacional de Maestros Guitarreros in Tarbes, France in 1989. Manzanero is mentioned as among the best guitar makers in Spain in books by Cano, Evans, Mairants, Morish, and Urlik. I would concur. 

His flamenco and classical guitars are completely handmade using traditional methods, and the finest quality woods. The wood he uses is at least 25 years old, giving guitars a special sound, and guaranteeing they won't crack or warp.