Born in Granada in 1960, the Spanish luthier Jose Marin Plazuelo is the nephew and disciple of Antonio Marin Montero. In 1974, like his cousin Francisco Santiago Marin before him, began an apprenticeship with his uncle. Under his uncle's guidance, Jose has become a consummate guitar maker. Although he has been building under his own name for many years, he still shares his uncle's workshop.

Like other Granada luthiers, Jose's guitars are entirely handmade using traditional techniques. His classical guitars, are indeed, very similar to his uncle's instruments: they have strong firm basses, and rounded focused trebles that sing in all registers. His flamenco guitars, however, are patterned after a Francisco Simplicio (1874-1932) guitar, and are smaller bodied than the standard Torres. Despite their small body, these guitars carry very well in a concert hall.