Manuel Romero Macias

Manuel Romero Macias was born in Montellano, Sevilla in 1935. His father was a poor shoe maker, and so they could not afford to buy things. When Manuel wanted a guitar, there was no alternative but to make it himself. He built it on his father's shoemaker's bench. He confesses it was truly awful, but he learned from it, and went on to build one then another.

Players of the epoch would point out their faults, and successively he would correct them. Finally, he enrolled in a conservatory of music where he perfected his art. Although he started building guitars in 1953, it wasn't until 1962 that he began to sell them professionally. As a guitar maker, Manuel takes his inspiration from the guitars of Santos Hernandez (1874-1943). He uses prime materials to make his guitars.

Although Manuel has recently retired, his son Mario (b. 1977) who has worked with his father since he was a teenager, continues the family tradition, and may be even a better builder.