Born in 1963 in the province of Cadiz, the Spanish luthier Rafael Romero Barroso began playing guitar at age twelve as a disciple of Rafael Escudier. By the time he was sixteen, he was performing alongside such renowned artists as "Chano Lotabo", "Rancapino", "Curro Malena" and "El Chato de la Isla."

During this period, he met Mario Melero Deudero (b. 1927), a Spanish guitar maker also from Cadiz, and discovering his true vocation apprenticed with him. When Mario retired, in fact, he passed his tools on to Rafael, who like his teacher, continues to build handmade classical and flamenco guitars using traditional tools and techniques.

Later, traveling to Madrid, he met the guitar maker Jose Romero, who encouraged and supported his efforts. Among the luthiers from whose friendship and advice he has profited, he also mentions Vicente Carrillo Casas. Among his clientele are such artists as Manuel Parrilla, Juan Parrilla, Moraito Chico, "El Carbonero" and Alberto San Miguel, professor of guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Granada. He brings to his flamenco and classical guitars both the knowledge of his craft and the sensibilities of a professional guitarists.