Antonio de Lorca Garcia (Cartagena 1798-Málaga 1870).

Antonio de Lorca Garcia was born in Cartagena in 1798 and died in Málaga in 1870. He was the founder of a family of guitar makers that included his son Antonio de Lorca Pino, and grandson Antonio de Lorca Ramirez. The family trained numerous makers, and so is considered the most influential and important group of Malaga guitar makers in the 19th century.(Photo courtesy of Spanish Guitar Shop).

Antonio de Lorca Piño (Málaga, active late 19th century d. 1909)

Antonio de Lorca Piño was the son of Antonio Lorca. He took over his father's shop when the elder Lorca died in 1870. As a luthier, he not only trained his son, Antonio de Lorca Ramirez, but also trained Juan and Rafael Galán. His shop was a meeting point for guitarists and builders of his day, and visited by Antonio de Torres and Julian Arcas among others. Antonio Lorca Piño died in Málaga in 1909.

Antonio de Lorca Ramirez (Málaga, active c. 1909-1929)

Antonio de Lorca Ramirez, son of Antonio de Lorca, was trained by his father and took of his shop upon his father's death in 1909. With his death in 1929, the Lorca dynasty came to an end.

Fernando del Olmo (Málaga, b. 1806, active 1830-1850s)

Fernando del Olmo was born in Málaga in 1806. He was active from the 1830s into the 1850s.

Francisco Dominguez (Málaga active c. 1895-1957)

Francisco Dominguez from Málaga was trained by Antonio Lorca, beginning his apprenticeship with the latter in 1895, and eventually becoming one of his master craftsmen. Later, he established his own shop on the calle Torrijos, No. 52, eventually moving to Carreteria, 68. He advertised on his label that he made guitars, bandurrias, and laudes. He died in 1957. (Photo a 1955 Francisco Dominguez courtesy ofDavid LaPlante).

Juan Galán Caro (Málaga ?- ?)

JuanGalán Caro was a native of Málaga, and was a disciple of Lorca Pino. He had a shop in Málaga for some 35 years. He was the father of Juan and Rafael Galán Rodriguez, and gave them their training.

Juan Galán Rodriguez (Málaga, 1876- d. Buenos Aires, Argentina 19??)

Juan Galán Rodriguez was born in Málaga in 1876. He was the son of a distinguished guitar maker, Juan Galán Caro, and was trained by his father as was his brother Rafael Galán. In 1906, he left Spain and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where by the 1930s he had achieved great fame as a luthier. 

Rafael Galán Rodriguez (b. Málaga 1888- d. Buenos Aires, Argentina ??)

Rafael Galán Rodriguez was born in Málaga. Like his brother Juan was trained by his father. In 1908, he moved to Buenos Aires and remained active there for some decades. 

José Gallegos (Málaga, active c. 1850s).   

José Gallegos was a guitar maker active in Málaga about the middle of the nineteenth century.

Juan Guerrero (Málaga, active c. 1750)

Juan Guerrero was a luthier from Málaga active in the middle of the eighteenth century. 

Joseph Martinez (Málaga, active c. 1790s-1829)

Joseph Martinez was from Málaga. He was probably the father of Joseph Martinez and Manuel Martinez. He was very famous in his own time, and was mentioned by Fernando Sor in his Méthode pour la Guitare as being among the best guitar makers in Spain. (Photo courtesy of Spanish Guitar Shop).

Joseph Martinez (Málaga, active c. 1820s-1833.)

Joseph Martinez named after his father was the son of a luthier, and was trained by the elder Martinez. He was also the brother of Manuel Martinez. He died in 1833.

Manuel Martinez (Málaga, active c. 1810s- 1830s)

Manuel Martinez was the son of Joseph Martinez, the elder. Both Manuel and his brother Joseph were trained by their father.

Antonio Molina (Málaga, active c. 1890).

Antonio Molina was a luthier born in Málaga and active there toward the end of the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he moved to Buenos Aires. 

Eladio Molina (Málaga, active 1860s-1880's).

Eladio Molina was a guitar maker active in Málaga in the later part of the nineteenth century. He built both classical and flamenco guitars. Only a few of his instruments are known to have survived. (Photograph courtesy of Felix Manzanero).

Salvador Ramirez (Málaga, active c. 1880-1900)

Salvador Ramirez, no relation to the family in Madrid, was born in Malaga. He was trained by Antonio de Lorca. Like many Spanish luthiers who left Spain around the turn of the century, Salvador emigrated to Buenos Aires some time around 1890, where he became a successful guitar maker with a shop on the calle Rivadavia, No. 436.  He was a highly esteemed maker of flamenco and classical guitars in his day, andis also remembered as the teacher of Francisco Nunez,  the founder the famous "Casa Nuñez" in Buenos Aires. (Photograph courtesy of Richard Bruné).

Rafael Roldán (Málaga, active. c.1790s)

Rafael Roldán was a luthier active in Málaga toward the end of the eighteenth century.

Carlos Sánchez (Málaga, active c. 1930)

Carlos Sánchez was a guitar maker active in Málaga circa 1930.