Emilio Fernández (Zaragoza active c. 1930)

Emilio Fernández was a luthier active in Zaragoza circa 1930 who built guitars and bandurrias.

Pedro Fuentes (Zaragoza, active c. 1860s)

Pedro Fuentes a maker from Zaragoza seems to have switched from the typical fair of the first half of the nineteenth century, to guitars that were clearly inspired by Torres. He was appointed a guitar maker to the Royal Chamber in 1858 and in 1860 presented a highly ornate guitar to the prince.

Basilio Marin Ferrer (Zaragoza, active c. 1890s-1910s)

Basilio Marin Ferrer was a guitar maker active in Zaragoza around the turn of the twentieth century. His shop was located on the calle Manifestación, No. 62. He primarily made modest, affordable instruments.