Miguel Rodriguez Beneyto (Córdoba 1888-c.1975).

Miguel Rodriguez Beneyto (Córdoba 1888-c.1975).

Miguel Rodriguez Beneyto (Córdoba b. 1888 - d. 1975).

Miguel Rodriguez Beneyto was born in Córdoba in 1888. In his early teens, he began playing string instruments including the guitar and bandurrias. His interest in music soon led him to make instruments. Although it is widely claimed in print that he apprenticed with Rafael Casana, a luthier who had been trained by José Ramirez, the family apparently denies this. When he was about 18 years old, Rodriguez set up his own workshop on the calle Barberos. About three years later,  he moved his shop to the calle San Fernando. In 1939, he again moved his workshop to its ultimate location on Alfaras. In 1933, Manuel was joined in his workshop by his 12 year old twin sons, Rafael and Miguel Jr. In time, the instruments from the workshop were made collaboratively. Rodriguez was a fastidious craftsman.  For example, he kept wood from each guitar he made so that should it ever need repair, he could repair it with the same wood with which it had been made. Among the stories that Juan Montero Aguilar (a guitar maker in Córdoba who knew him) told me is that on one occasion Don Miguel to visit him with one of his sons, and was admiring the very clean work Juan was doing on the interior of a guitar he was building. His son wondered aloud "Why bother, no one will see it?" to which the elder Rodriguez replied, "the maker can see it, that's enough." Miguel Sr. died in 1975. Rafael tragically died at the age of 44. Today the Rodriguez classical and flamenco guitars are highly sought-after and continue to soar in price. It is my understanding that Miguel Jr. died recently.

Miguel Rodriguez Serrano (Córdoba, b. 1921- d. 1998)

Miguel Rodriguez jr. was the son of Miguel Rodriguez. At age 12, Miguel and his twin brother, Rafael, began their apprenticeship with their father. In 1945, Miguel married Rafaela Alamo Urbano, and they had two children, Miguel and José. Miguel's brother, Rafael died in 1965, so following his father's death in the mid-1970s, Miguel Jr. took over the workshop.

Rafael Rodriguez Serrano (Córdoba, b. 1921- d. 1965)

Son of Miguel Rodriguez, from the age of 12 Rafael was trained by his father--along with his twin brother, Miguel. Unfortunately, Rafael Rodriguez died tragically in 1965. 

José ("Pepe") Rodriguez Alamo (Córdoba, b. 1941- d. 1996)

José Rodriguez Alamo, know as "Pepe," was the son of Miguel Rodriguez Serrano.  Although his brother, Miguel, choose an industrial career, he continued in the family business, and was not only an active guitar maker until his death in 1996, but also a professor in the conservatory of music in Cordoba.