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Santos Bayón Ruiz

The Spanish luthier Santos Bayón Ruiz was born in Madrid in 1951 in the very workshop of his great uncle, Santos Hernández, (1873-1943).  One finest luthiers building classical and flamenco guitars in Spain.

Pedro Maldonado

The Spanish luthier Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja, Granada in 1929.  While still a little boy, he developed a great affection for the guitar. At nine, he was already cutting wood in the shape of guitars in his father's carpentry shop.

Paulino Bernabe

Although Paulino Bernabé II, had literally grown up in his father’s shop, he formally began working with his father in the early 1980s

René Baarslag

The Granada luthier René Baarslag was born in Heerlen, Holland in 1948.  After finishing his B.A., he explored various careers: art history, chemistry, architecture, mechanical engineering, and even opera. In 1977, having played classical guitar from the time he was 15 years old,  René  came to Granada to study flamenco, and was drawn into the world of guitar making. He apprenticed with Antonio Marin Montero, but also spent some time in Normandy with Robert Bouchet. 

Rafael Romero Barroso

Born in 1963 in the province of Cadiz, the Spanish luthier Rafael Romero Barroso began playing guitar at age twelve as a disciple of Rafael Escudier. By the time he was sixteen, he was performing alongside such renowned artists as "Chano Lotabo", "Rancapino", "Curro Malena" and "El Chato de la Isla."

During this period, he met Mario Melero Deudero (b. 1927), a Spanish guitar maker also from Cadiz, and discovering his true vocation apprenticed with him. 

Rafael Moreno Rodriguez

The Spanish luthier Rafael Moreno Rodriguez was born in Tanger in 1954. When he was six years old, his parents moved to El Fargue, Granada. After a short time there, his parents moved to Granada, being a better place to educate their children. When Rafael was 13 he apprenticed to Manuel Lopez Bellido. Manuel later formed an association with Antonio Marin Montero, and Rafael spent some years working with them. There he shared a workbench and work with Francisco Santiago Marin.

Rúben Moisés López

The Spanish guitar maker Rubén Moisés López was born in Madrid in 1967, and is the sixth son of the luthier Marcelino López Nieto, and the only one to follow his father into building guitars. Since his father's workshop was in their home, Ruben Lopez began learning about tools, woods, and guitar making from the time he was five. However, it has only been since the late 1990s, that he decided to devote himself to the art.

Ricardo Sanchis Carpio

The Spanish guitar maker Ricardo Sanchis Carpio is the head luthier of the Hermanos Sanchis Lopez firm in Valencia that was founded by his grandfather, Ricardo Sanchis Nacher in 1915.