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Juan Montero Aguilera

The Spanish luthier Juan Montero Aguilera was born in Marchena, (Sevilla) in 1929. Like many guitar makers, Juan Montero Aguilera and his brother Francisco were cabinet makers before taking up guitar construction. 

Juan Miguel Gonzalez

Juan Miguel Gonzalez

The Spanish luthier Juan Miguel Gonzalez was born in Almeria in 1947, and is widely recognized as one of the great flamenco guitar makers living today. He began making guitar in 1960, apprenticing with his father, Miguel Gonzalez Abad (1906-1989), known as "El Cojo."

Juan Fabian Labella Manjon

Born in Aldeire, Granada in 1965, Juan Fabian LaBella Manjon took courses at the INEM that introduced him to guitar making. He then apprenticed with Jesus Bellido. In 1995 guitars he began building his own guitars. 

Juan Alvarez

Juan Miguel Alvarez, (born 1960) is the son of the Madrid luthier Juan Alvarez Gil (1932-2001) was born in Madrid in 1932. Although his father died in 2001, Juan Miguel who learned to make guitars under his father’s careful tutelage has become a fine guitar maker in his own right.

José Ruiz Pedregosa

José Ruiz Pedregosa (b. 1958) is the only disciple of the Spanish luthier Jerónimo Peña Fernández whose guitars are played by such great flamenco players as Monolo Sanlucar, Manolo Escobar, and Enrique Montoya. Jeronimo Peña Fernandez, who is among the few luthiers to whom Luis F. Leal Pinar devotes an entire chapter in "Guitarreros de Andalucia" (2004)....

Jose Romero

The Spanish luthier José Romero Garrido was born in Baeza (Jaén) April 12, 1954.   His family moved to Madrid when he was but an infant, and he has lived there ever since. In 1968, when he was but fourteen, he began his professional career as a guitar maker, entering as an apprentice in the workshop of  José Ramirez. 

José Marin Plazuelo

Born in Granada in 1960, the Spanish luthier Jose Marin Plazuelo is the nephew and disciple of Antonio Marin Montero. In 1974, like his cousin Francisco Santiago Marin before him, began an apprenticeship with his uncle. 

José Manuel Fernández

In 1952, he opened his own workshop. Even then, because he his an inquisitive man, he set out to investigate the methods, designs, and ideas used by other builders in Cordoba, Barcelona, Madrid, and elsewhere. 

Jesús Bellido

The Spanish luthier Jesús Bellido (born 1966) is a member of one of Granada's leading families of guitar makers. Both his father, Manuel López Bellido and his uncle José López Bellido have achieved international fame as luthiers. Taught by his father, Jesús began his career as a guitar maker when he was 14 years old.

J.B. Castelluccia

Jean-Baptiste Castelluccia is a third generation luthier, working in Paris.  Giambattista Castelluccia who established this workshop was part of a wave of Italian luthiers who came to Paris in the 1940s, opening a shop in 1946.

Paco Alberto Pantoja, and J.A. Pantoja Martin

Although Jose Albeto Pantoja Martin died in 2013, his son, Francisco (Paco) Alberto Pantoja, who was trained by his father, and grew up in the workshop, has taken over the workshop and continues to offer classical and flamenco guitars of impeccable craftsmenship and superb tone.