Alberto Hernandez

Alberto Hernández started his career as an apprentice in Francisco Esteve´s guitar workshop, and now is the head craftsman in charge of the Juan Hernández Guitar Workshop...

Vicente Carrillo Casas

Since Vicente Carrillo Casas took over, he has re-built he family business, which now employs a number of master artisans, and under his leadership the quality of the flamenco and classical guitars made has drawn wide international acceptance.

Valeriano Bernal

The Spanish luthier Valeriano Bernal was born in 1939 in a small village in the province of Cadiz in Andalucia.  When he was only eight, Valeriano began learning the rudiments of woodworkingfrom his cousin,  FranciscoRamirez Leo.  

Santos Bayón Ruiz

The Spanish luthier Santos Bayón Ruiz was born in Madrid in 1951 in the very workshop of his great uncle, Santos Hernández, (1873-1943).  One finest luthiers building classical and flamenco guitars in Spain.

Pedro Maldonado

The Spanish luthier Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja, Granada in 1929.  While still a little boy, he developed a great affection for the guitar. At nine, he was already cutting wood in the shape of guitars in his father's carpentry shop.

Paulino Bernabe

Although Paulino Bernabé II, had literally grown up in his father’s shop, he formally began working with his father in the early 1980s

Marcelino López Nieto

Marcelino López Nieto,  with more than a half-century of experience, is one of Spain's most respected and accomplished luthiers. He is one of only five living Spanish makers included on Summerfield's list of the finest guitar makers since 1800.

Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.

Manuel Rodriguez, Jr.  (b. 1962) is a third generation luthier, raised in the family business established by his grandfather and father of building fine handmade guitars for the world's preeminent artists. 

Manuel Reyes Jr. and Manuel Reyes Sr.

Manuel Reyes Jr. and Manuel Reyes Sr.

Manuel Reyes, Jr., was born in 1969 in Cordoba, and is the son of Manuel Reyes (1934- 2014). and worked with him full time from 1994 till his death in December of 2014. He  began to make guitar under his own name in about 2001, at first signing his father's label, Manuel Reyes, Jr. His guitars are built on the elder's Reyes design, and are nearly indistinguishable from those of his father.

Manuel López Bellido

Born in Granada in 1939, the Spanish luthier Manual López Bellido started working  as a cabinet maker at the age of 13.

Manuel Adalid

The Spanish luthier Manuel Adalid was born in Valencia in 1951. Son, of Manuel Adalid Lazaro (b. 1923) one of the founding partners of Guitarras Francisco Esteve, (established in 1957), Manuel literally grew up in the workshop.  Working as an apprentice during

Juan Montero Aguilera

The Spanish luthier Juan Montero Aguilera was born in Marchena, (Sevilla) in 1929. Like many guitar makers, Juan Montero Aguilera and his brother Francisco were cabinet makers before taking up guitar construction. 

Juan Miguel Gonzalez

Juan Miguel Gonzalez

The Spanish luthier Juan Miguel Gonzalez was born in Almeria in 1947, and is widely recognized as one of the great flamenco guitar makers living today. He began making guitar in 1960, apprenticing with his father, Miguel Gonzalez Abad (1906-1989), known as "El Cojo."

Juan Fabian Labella Manjon

Born in Aldeire, Granada in 1965, Juan Fabian LaBella Manjon took courses at the INEM that introduced him to guitar making. He then apprenticed with Jesus Bellido. In 1995 guitars he began building his own guitars. 

Daniel Gil de Avalle

Daniel Gil de Avalle

Daniel Gil de Avalle Guitars since 1981. Daniel was born in 1961 and grew up in a large family of ten. His older sister, soprano, and his borther-in-law, orchestra conductor, were a great influence on his taste for music. 

Antonio Raya Ferrer

Antonio Raya Ferrer (b. 1980) is the son of Antonio Raya Pardo, one of Granada's most renowned luthiers. Antonio Raya Ferrer's roots also connect him with another of Granada leading families of Spanish guitar makers.

Angel Benito Aguado

Angel Benito Aguado

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1949, the luthier Angel Benito Aguado began to work as a carpenter, learning the fundamentals of wood working when he was but a young boy.  At age 12,  he built his first guitar ... 

Ana Espinosa Rodriguez

Ana Espinosa Rodriguez is a Spanish luthier in Granada, and builds classical and flamenco guitars. She was born in Tíjola, Almeria, in 1960 from an early age she was exposed to woodcrafts, as her grandfather was a cabinet maker...

Antonio Raya Pardo

The Spanish luthier Antonio Raya Pardo was born in 1950 in Huelva (Jaen), but his family moved to Granada when he was fourteen. Before becoming a guitar maker he worked as a weaver, he then, like so many of guitar makers of his generation, he apprenticed with Eduardo Ferrer for a short time, and eventually married Pilar Ferrer,  Eduardo's granddaughter. In 1972, he continued his training Jose Lopez Bellido,